How to ensure the application security of smart cards?


In today's market environment, smart cards are being used more and more widely. Traditional IC cards face many problems, among which the confidentiality of the card is the most important. In this case, CPU cards appear. Compared with traditional IC cards, CPU cards are more secure and have higher confidentiality coefficients. The integrated circuits in CPU cards contain microprocessor CPU, memory units (including RAM, program memory ROM (FLASH), and ROM is program memory, The card operating system (COS) is solidified, and the COS is responsible for the access and security control of the data stored on the card. RAM is equivalent to the memory of the CPU card, which is used to temporarily store program variables. EEPROM is mainly used to store some application data. The CPU card with COS is equivalent to a microcomputer, which not only has the function of data storage, but also has the function of command processing and data security protection.

The advantage of CPU card is that it has large storage space, fast reading speed, and supports multiple functions of one card. CPU card can be used in many fields, such as finance, insurance, traffic police, and government industries. Of course, the application of CPU is far from that. For example, the access control card of the company. If it is necessary to ensure the tightness of some places, the CPU card is a good choice. Compared with the traditional IC card, CPU card is anti duplication, The security will be more reliable.

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