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Lex Smart technologyhas focused on top qualityrfid products and PVC card since 2013 in China.we started as a small company, but now have become one of the leadingsuppliers in therfid industry in China, and have independent office. Our factoryislocated in the Chinaindustry city-DongGuan. As a global supplier in the PVC card,smart card,rfid card and otherrfid products,Lex Smart is to create added value for customers around the world.

Smart Card

Lex Smart is professional China smart card manufacturers and China smart card suppliers for many years.our smart card has high quality,and we can provide customer competitive smart card quotation and better service.
Smart card is a kind of plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) which with a microchip embedded in it.some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip.smart cards need to interact with data through readers and writers. smart card can also filter the wrong data to reduce the burden on the host CPU.it is suitable for occasions with a large number of ports and fast communication speed requirements.the integrated circuit in the card includes CPU,EEPROM,ram and COS (chip operating system) solidified in ROM.the data in the card is divided into external reading and internal processing.
Smart card has IC card,ID card,UHF card,contact ic card,smart paper card,smart ticket card,smart blocking card.due to its inherent advantages of information security,portability and perfect standardization,smart card is being more and more used in the fields of identity authentication,banking, telecommunications,public transportation,parking lot management and so on. For example,the second-generation ID card,the bank's e-wallet,the public transportation bus card and subway card,and the parking card used to collect parking fees,all play an important role in people's daily life.and smart card is widely used in access control,in addition to being used for general access control management, smart cards can also store small amounts of money for consumption in cooperation with general stores to improve the functionality of cards.and it can be widely used as electricity card,water card,bus card,bank card,bus card,door card,meal card,access card,vip card etc.
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RFID Key Fobs

Lex Smart is rfid key fobs factory in China.we have specialized in manufacturing rfid key fobs for many years and exported our products to more than 20 countries with good quality and services.
RFID key fobs,we call RFID Keychain,RFID key tag also,it uses ABS material to press out the keychain model through the fine hardware mold,put the copper wire cob into the pressed Keychain model,and then close it,which becomes the keychain we often use in access control.the keychain is small in size and easy to carry.it is very suitable for access control and payment.as long as you hang the key chain on the key chain,you can consume without a wallet.a series of operations such as recharging,querying balance and consumption records can be carried out through the network,which is very convenient.the key chain has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability and small volume.users can customize the reading and writing of standard data to make the efficiency of special application system faster.
RFID key fob is widely used in access control,bus,parking,identity authentication,attendance management,parking lot management,skiing,tickets,all-in-one card payment,product identification etc.
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RFID Wristband

Lex Smart Technology Co. Ltd is wholesale rfid wristbands and provider in China.we have specialized in rfid wristbands for many years and we exported our products to more than 20 countries with high quality and services.
Rfid wristband has many types material,for example,silicone rfid wristband,paper rfid wristband,pvc rfid wristband,fabric rfid wristband,Nylon rfid wristband.rfid wristband is installing rfid chip or rfid tag on rfid wrist strap.it is a kind of smart rf special-shaped card that is convenient and durable to wear on the wrist.the wristband electronic label is made of silicone material,pvc material,paper material,fabric material or nylon material, which is comfortable to wear,beautiful in appearance and decorative.it can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands.
RFID wristband is widely used in catering consumption,attendance management,swimming pool,washing center,sauna center and entertainment places,airport parcels,parcel tracking,hospital patient identification,delivery,baby identification,prison management,guardianship management,identity identification and information storage.RFID wristbands used in hospitals are used for patient identification, information storage,identity and medication management,etc.
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