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RFID Labels/Tags

Lex Smart Technology Co. Ltd is wholesale rfid labels/tags,rfid stickers and provider in China. we have specialized in rfid labels/tags and rfid stickers for many years and we exported our products to more than 20 countries with high quality and services.
RFID electronic tag,namely RFID tag,it is the common name of RFID.RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification.it is a kind of a non-contact automatic identification technology.it identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through RF signal.the identification work does not need manual intervention.rfid electronic label coding mode,storage,reading and writing mode are different from traditional label (such as bar code) or manual label.storage of electronic label code is stored in read-only or read-write format on integrated circuit;especially in the reading and writing mode,the electronic tag is realized by wireless electronic transmission.outstanding technical characteristics of RFID electronic tag are:it can identify a single very specific object,rather than only one kind of object like bar code;multiple objects can be read at the same time,while bar codes can only be read one by one;large amount of information stored;using radio frequency,data can be read through external materials,and bar code must read information on the surface of material medium by laser or infrared.
RFID labels/tags are widely used in cargo tracking,automatic information collection, warehousing application,port application,postal express in the process of logistics;real time statistics of commodity sales data,replenishment and anti-theft;real time monitoring of production data,quality tracking and automatic production;medical device management,drug management and his system;identification,identity recognition;valuables(cigarettes,alcohol,drugs) anti counterfeiting and tickets;all kinds of valuable management,large quantity,high similarity,or dangerous goods and other assets;expressway toll management,vehicle identification and management of taxis and buses;food,fruits,vegetables and fresh food freshness;domesticated animals,livestock and pets identification and management;bookstores, libraries and publishing houses book management;manufacturing,passenger ticket,baggage and parcel tracking;ammunition,guns,materials,personnel and vehicles identification and management.

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Lex has been producing RFID Labels/Tags for many years and it is one of the professional RFID Labels/Tags manufacturers and suppliers in China. We supply pvc and rfid products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. All can be done by us. Besides, Our fashion RFID Labels/Tags is not only newest but also supports free samples. If you are interested in our products, we will give you a satisfactory price and provide price list. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation.