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Smart Card

Lex Smart is professional China smart card manufacturers and China smart card suppliers for many years.our smart card has high quality,and we can provide customer competitive smart card quotation and better service.
Smart card is a kind of plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) which with a microchip embedded in it.some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip.smart cards need to interact with data through readers and writers. smart card can also filter the wrong data to reduce the burden on the host CPU.it is suitable for occasions with a large number of ports and fast communication speed requirements.the integrated circuit in the card includes CPU,EEPROM,ram and COS (chip operating system) solidified in ROM.the data in the card is divided into external reading and internal processing.
Smart card has IC card,ID card,UHF card,contact ic card,smart paper card,smart ticket card,smart blocking card.due to its inherent advantages of information security,portability and perfect standardization,smart card is being more and more used in the fields of identity authentication,banking, telecommunications,public transportation,parking lot management and so on. For example,the second-generation ID card,the bank's e-wallet,the public transportation bus card and subway card,and the parking card used to collect parking fees,all play an important role in people's daily life.and smart card is widely used in access control,in addition to being used for general access control management, smart cards can also store small amounts of money for consumption in cooperation with general stores to improve the functionality of cards.and it can be widely used as electricity card,water card,bus card,bank card,bus card,door card,meal card,access card,vip card etc.
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