What is the difference between RFID HF card and UHF card?


High frequency RFID tag is a kind of RFID technology. High frequency tag can be easily made into card shape, and the working frequency is 13.56 mhz. The reading distance of high frequency card is generally less than 1 meter. Generally, it is passive. When the RFID high-frequency card is working, the data exchange must be carried out in the near-field area radiated by the RFID reader antenna, which is widely used in electronic ID cards, electronic locking anti-theft (electronic remote control door lock controller), electronic tickets, building access control system, community property management, jewelry inventory management, intelligent shelf management, fixed asset management system, book management system, etc.

The UHF tag operates at 860MHz? 960MHz can be matched with different antennas, and can be divided into active tags and passive tags. When working, the RF tag should be in the far field of the UHF reader antenna radiation field, and the coupling mode between the RFID tag and is electromagnetic coupling. The UHF reader antenna radiation field provides RF energy for the passive tag and wakes up the passive tag. The reading distance of the corresponding RFID system is generally more than 1 meter, and the typical reading distance is 4 meters? 6 meters, up to more than 10 meters. Reader antennas are generally directional antennas, and only RF tags within the reader antenna directional beam range can be read/written. UHF tags are widely used in automatic identification of railway vehicles, container identification, and highway vehicle identification and automatic toll collection systems due to their long reading distance and fast data transmission rate.

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