What are the advantages of chip membership card?


At present, membership cards on the market include magnetic stripe membership cards, barcode membership cards, ID membership cards, IC membership cards and other types. With the multiple requirements of merchants for membership card functions, many merchants have chosen inductive IC card as their membership card. This is because inductive membership card has unique advantages and can achieve the functions that merchants want.

The advantages of inductive IC card as a membership card include: 1. Easy operation

Due to inductive communication, the reader/writer can operate the card within 10CM, so it is not necessary to insert or dial the card, which is very convenient for users. The inductive card has no directionality when used. The card can skim over the surface of the reader writer in any direction, which can not only complete the operation, but also greatly improve the speed of each use.

2. High reliability

There is no mechanical contact between the inductive IC card and the reader writer, which avoids various faults caused by contact reading and writing. For example, faults caused by rough card insertion, insertion of non card objects, dust or oil contamination, and poor contact. In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of the inductive card, so there is no need to worry about chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage and other problems, which not only facilitates card printing, but also improves the reliability of the card.

3. Conflict prevention

The inductive card has a quick anti-collision mechanism, which can prevent data interference between cards. Therefore, the reader can process multiple inductive IC cards "simultaneously". This improves the parallelism of the application, and virtually improves the working speed of the system.

4. Good encryption performance

Inductive IC card consists of IC chip and inductive antenna, and is completely sealed in a standard PVC card without exposed parts. The reading and writing process of inductive IC card is usually completed by radio waves between inductive IC card and reader writer.

Inductive IC membership card is a type of card selected by many merchants in recent two years. It not only has the basic function of membership card, but also has the function of storing value or settling accounts, which greatly facilitates customers to buy goods. In the next few years, inductive IC cards will become the choice for more and more businesses to make membership cards.

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