Difference Between RFID ABS Anti-metal Tag And Flexible Anti-metal Tag.


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Difference Between RFID ABS Anti-metal Tag And Flexible Anti-metal Tag

1. ABS anti-metal tag features: In practical applications, the ABS anti-metal tag has a higher protection level because of its outer shell protection, and according to its antenna structure, some models have higher performance on metal and non-metal surfaces. It is suitable for outdoor asset inventory, pallet management, warehouse location management, electric vehicle management, logistics turnover, and other fields.

2. Flexible anti-metal tag features: This type of tag uses foam as the main dielectric material, and uses the design of a microstrip antenna structure to make the tag have higher flexibility and better performance on the metal surface. The application can also perform personalized operations such as coding and silk screen printing as needed, and provide data precoding services, which are more convenient and efficient in use.