Advantages of CPU smart door lock card!


Although everyone uses its IC every day, many friends may not know about the IC card. Let me introduce it briefly first. IC card is the abbreviation of integrated circuit card, which is embedded with a special integrated circuit chip PVC in a plastic substrate and packaged into a card form similar to a magnetic card. It is called IC card. IC card has developed in China for more than 20 years. In 1993, the State Council launched the Gold Card Project. Since then, due to its own convenience, IC card has been widely used in China's finance, telecommunications, transportation and other fields.

Most IC cards used in the early years were M1 cards. However, in 2008, the security algorithm of M1 cards was cracked, which meant that there were as many as 1 billion cards in the world at that time. In 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Response to Serious Security Vulnerabilities in IC Cards, requiring local authorities and departments to notify IC of the cards. Since then, the investigation and response to the use of cards with higher security CPU cards have gradually entered the mainstream application arena.

In recent years, the rapid development of the intelligent door lock industry is obvious, and the market prospect is also very predictable. Relying on the development of biometrics, mobile network and other technologies, intelligent door locks have developed towards automatic meaningless opening. In the face of various door opening methods, some people say that IC card is no longer the mainstream application of smart door locks. However, as a relatively traditional unlocking method, the door lock card is still the standard configuration of most smart door locks when they leave the factory. As the main market of smart door locks at present, the real estate hardbound housing project basically requires lock enterprises to configure door lock cards. Therefore, door lock cards may not be the mainstream application, but they have become the standard configuration of smart door locks.

In fact, people's basic needs for locks are safe, whether they are mechanical locks or smart locks. Therefore, even if people who buy smart locks do not have keys, we still have the safest C lock cylinder; Even if consumers do not understand the difference between optical fingerprint identification and semiconductor identification, we still choose more expensive semiconductor identification solutions; Therefore, M1 card is known to have security risks of cracking and copying. The CPU card with higher security is a necessary condition to make up for the security weakness of the intelligent door lock.

For intelligent door locks, new unlocking methods are the trend, and more secure application solutions must also be the trend.