The application of NFC tags


The application of the NFC tags is to write some information into an NFC tag, and the user can immediately obtain the relevant information by simply swiping the NFC tags with the NFC mobile phone. For example, merchants can put NFC tags containing posters, promotional information, and advertisements at the door of the store. Users can use NFC mobile phones to obtain relevant information according to their needs, and can log in to social networks to share details or good things with friends. Although NFC tags are very convenient in application and low in cost, the application prospect of NFC tags is not optimistic due to the popularity of mobile networks and the gradual popularity of QR codes. Because compared with NFC tags, QR codes only need to be generated and printed as a small image, which can be said to be almost zero cost. The information provided is as rich as NFC, and it is easy to replace the application of NFC tags.

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