The difference between NFC and bluetooth


NFC and Bluetooth are both short-range communication technologies. Compared with Bluetooth, which has been integrated into mobile phones for a long time and has been popularized, NFC has only been integrated into mobile phones in recent years, and has only been integrated in a few mobile phones so far.
1. The setup time is different.
The NFC communication setup procedure is simple, and the communication setup time is very short, only about 0.1s; while the Bluetooth communication setup procedure is relatively complex, and the communication setup time is longer, about 6s.
2. The transmission distance is different. 
The NFC transmission distance is only 10cm, while the Bluetooth transmission distance can reach 10m. But NFC is slightly better than Bluetooth in terms of transmission power consumption and security.
3. The transmission speed and working frequency are different.

The working frequency of NFC is 13.56MHz, and the maximum transmission speed is 424 Kbit/s, while the working frequency of Bluetooth is 2.4GHz, and the transmission speed can reach 2.1 Mbit/s.

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