The application of NFC security


The application of NFC security is mainly to virtualize mobile phones into access control cards, electronic tickets, etc. The NFC virtual access control card is to write the existing access control card data into the NFC of the mobile phone, so that the access control function can be realized by using the mobile phone without using a smart card, which is not only very convenient for the configuration, monitoring and modification of the access control, but also can be remotely modified and configuration, such as temporary distribution of credentials when needed, etc. The application of NFC virtual electronic ticket is that after the user purchases the ticket, the ticketing system sends the ticket information to the mobile phone. The mobile phone with the NFC function can virtualize the ticket information into an electronic ticket, and the mobile phone can be directly swiped at the ticket check. The application of NFC in security system is an important field of NFC application in the future, and the prospect is very broad. Because this field can directly bring economic benefits to the users of the technology, making them more motivated to upgrade existing equipment and technologies. Because the use of mobile phone virtual cards can reduce the use of access control cards or magnetic card tickets, directly reduce the cost of use, and can appropriately increase the degree of automation, reduce personnel costs and improve efficiency.

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