Application of RFID Reader in Industrial Automobile Manufacturing Line


The automobile industry is a comprehensive assembly industry. A car is composed of thousands of parts and components, and each automobile OEM has a large number of related parts factories. Therefore, RFID technology is often used to improve the efficiency and reliability of the automobile production process.

Since a car is usually assembled from tens of thousands of parts, it is often a mistake to manually manage such a large number of parts and complex manufacturing processes. Therefore, automobile manufacturers actively introduce RFID technology to provide more effective management solutions for parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly.

Generally speaking, manufacturers attach RFID electronic tags directly to parts. Such parts generally have the characteristics of high value, higher security requirements, and easy confusion between parts. The use of RFID readers can effectively identify them. and tracking such parts.
In addition, RFID electronic tags can also be pasted on packaging or transport racks, so that parts can be managed uniformly and the application cost of RFID equipment can be reduced, which is obviously more suitable for those types of large, small and highly standardized parts. .

In the assembly process of automobile manufacturing, the transformation from barcode to RFID has greatly improved the flexibility of production management.

The application of the intelligent RFID identification system on the automobile production line can transmit the production data and quality monitoring data collected in real time on various automobile production lines to the material management, production scheduling, quality assurance, and other related departments, so as to better realize the Raw material supply, production scheduling, sales service, quality monitoring and lifetime quality tracking of the vehicle.

All in all, RFID technology has greatly improved the digital level of automobile production. With the continuous maturity of related application technologies and solutions, it will bring greater help to automobile production.