What is NFC


NFC (Near Field Communication, short-range wireless transmission) is a short-range wireless communication technology standard similar to RFID (contactless radio frequency identification) promoted by Philips, NOKI and Sony (evolved from contactless radio frequency identification RFID). ). Unlike RFID, NFC uses two-way identification and connection, and works in the 13.56MHz frequency range within a distance of 20cm. The transmission speed is 106Kbit/s, 212Kbit/s or 424Kbit/s. At present, near field communication has passed the ISO/IECIS18092 international standard, the EMCA-340 standard and the ETSITS102190 standard. NFC uses two reading modes, active and passive.

Like RFID, NFC information is also transmitted by electromagnetic induction coupling in the radio frequency part of the spectrum, but there is still a big difference between the two. First of all, NFC is a wireless connection technology that provides easy, secure, and rapid communication with a smaller transmission range than RFID. Second, NFC is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology and has become an official standard supported by more and more major manufacturers. Again, NFC is a short-range connection protocol that provides easy, secure, fast and automatic communication between various devices. Compared to other connection methods in the wireless world, NFC is a close-proximity method of private communication.

NFC started out as a mere amalgamation of remote identification and networking technology, but has now evolved into a wireless connection technology. It can quickly and automatically establish a wireless network, providing a "virtual connection" for cellular devices, Bluetooth devices, and Wi-Fi devices, enabling electronic devices to communicate over short distances. The short-distance interaction of NFC greatly simplifies the entire authentication and identification process, making mutual access between electronic devices more direct, secure and clear.

NFC helps solve the hassle of remembering multiple passwords by combining all identification applications and services on a single device, while also ensuring data security. With NFC, wireless interconnection between multiple devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, set-top boxes, computers, mobile phones, etc., to exchange data or services with each other will be possible.

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